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We know you and the unique needs of your farm. From seed to nutritional inputs, you’ve trusted Nutrien Ag Solutions with some of the most important decisions for your growing business. Here’s one recommendation you’ll definitely want to take advantage of — switch to Nutrien Financial for all of your Nutrien Ag Solutions purchases.
Easy to apply, easy to administer and available at competitive rates.
We work with you to find a solution that fits your growing business.
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From seed to fertilizer to crop protection, finance your entire purchase.
Nutrien Financial Advantages

Full terms and conditions are available at your local branch.

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Have questions? We have answers.

If you have more question visit your local Nutrien Ag Solutions retailer.

Why would I use Nutrien Financial instead of traditional financial institutions?
Agriculture is our life. We understand the crop cycles and cash cycles so our financing options reflect that. Plus, it’s easy to access - you can seek financing at more than 1,400 retail branches. If you already have a relationship with your local Nutrien Ag Solutions branch for other farming needs such as fertilizer, seed or crop protection, this is simply an extension of that partnership.
What products can I purchase with my Nutrien Financial loan?
Financing is available for crop inputs purchased from Nutrien Ag Solutions, including fertilizer, seed and chemicals available at your local Nutrien Ag Solutions branch.
What is the current interest rate?
Our rates are competitive. Contact your Nutrien Ag Solutions retail branch and talk to your representative.
Do I have to be a current Nutrien Ag Solutions customer to qualify for Nutrien Financial?
Nutrien Financial is a service reserved for customers that buy crop inputs from Nutrien Ag Solutions. We welcome newcomers, offering our industry-leading product lines such as Dyna-Gro seed as well as a range of fertilizer and crop protection products for your business. Just drop into your nearest Nutrien Ag Solutions branch.
Where is the loan program operating?
Nutrien Financial is available at all Nutrien Ag Solutions locations across the U.S. with the exception of these states: West Virginia, Hawaii and Alaska.
How do I apply?
Talk to your local Nutrien Ag Solutions representative. You can also fill out an application form and bring it into the branch.
Financing provided by Nutrien Ag Solutions. Before deciding to make an application for Nutrien Financial™, customers should review the terms of the Nutrien Financial™ application and the Nutrien Financial™ Terms & Conditions and consider whether this product is suitable for their individual and business needs. Nutrien Financial™ does not make any representations or warranties whatsoever regarding the suitability of its products for individual customers and does not provide financial advice. Customers should seek professional accounting, tax and/or financial advice before making an application for any Nutrien Financial™ financing product. Nutrien uses, discloses and handles personal information in accordance with the applicable law and regulation. Please see our privacy policy available at www.nutrien.com for information about our privacy processes.